Weekend reading: insomnia, terrorism and psychiatry

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Some recent articles might be of interest to Rosella Room readers, barring any paywalls.

Simon Parkin at The Guardian writes about redefining insomnia as a psychiatric condition in its own right rather than seeing it as a symptom of a primary condition.  A psychiatrist-run insomnia clinic in Bloomsbury claims high success rates using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Over at The Lancet, security expert Bill Durodie and sociologist David Wainwright cast doubt on the impact of terrorism on PTSD rates, including indirect effects through the media.  They conclude that “terrorism is not terrorising”.  A shorter version of the article appears here in The Conversation.

And The Economist has a piece on using AI as a shortcut to diagnose psychiatric disorders through analysing speech patterns in psychotic patients.  The emerging discipline of ‘Computational Psychiatry’ extends from the kind of data analysis noted in The Economist to using computer games and virtual reality to study conditions such as borderline personality disorder (see more here).  The use of AI may help reduce the subjective element in assessing behaviour.

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