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Quack Report: yoni eggs, essential oils, and depression

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Today the Rosella Room is starting a series called the Quack Report.  We’ll report on the charlatans and the snake oils that pop up in the mental health world. 

Who knew that inserting quartz eggs into one’s private parts could help focus energy?  That inhaling a floral essence oil called “Inner Judge” could fight depression and assist with “clearing of guilt, shame, self-criticism & blame”?   But not only that.  According to Bloomberg, Hollywood star Gwenyth Paltrow’s prominent lifestyle brand Goop also claimed that her yoni eggs “could balance hormones, regulate menstrual cycles and increase bladder control.”

Who knew?  Well, no-one actually.  A Californian District Attorney’s office recently found there was no credible evidence to support the claims.  In addition to having to refund customers and refrain from further claims, Goop was hit with a USD145,000 fine for deceptive marketing.

The New Scientist commented “Perhaps her in-house alchemists can whip up a crystal-infused ‘See you in Court’ healing balm.” (27 October 2018).

POSTSCRIPT – See here for the NYT’s profile of Paltrow, Goop, and the ‘wellness’ movement.

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